About Us

 MOC evolved to provide access to quality education for skill development. We aim to empower the youth by providing cost effective learning solutions for skill development . Our partner website www.millionlights.org will grant certifications based on these online lectures.


We through various partners and government agencies hope to provide the best content and certification services to our user

Millionlights is an technology and content agnostic ecosystem built across the desktop, mobile and TV.

We are seamlessly connected to any medium and offer the ability to offer certification and open access to courseware on any device without any barriers.

Our key feature is access to the best authored, curated content leading to industry recognised certification. Our technology facilitates live lectures, offline viewing, TV programs, and faculty and industry interactions. We are confident of delivering higher learning outcomes through our platforms.

Our learning platforms ensure peer interaction, faculty handholding, discussion forums coupled with localisation of content.

Our plans in the near future are to extend our courseware and certifications so that any learner can get access to any course across all our platforms.


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