Power Electronics Applications to Power Systems (0)


Prof. B.G. Fernandes

IIT Bombay

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    Electrical/Power Electronics Applications to Power Systems - Video - IITB.html

Course Reference

  1. T. J. E. Miller “Reactive power control in Electrical system,” John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982.

  2. K. R. Padiyar “FACTS CONTROLLERS in Power Transmission & Distribution,” New Age International (P)  Ltd.,” 2007.

  3. K. R. Padiyar “HVDC POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS Technology and System Interactions,” New Age International (P)  Ltd.,” 1990.

  4. Hingorani N. G   “Understanding FACTS Concepts &  Technology of FACTS Systems,” IEEE PRESS, 2000.

Course Prerequisites

  1. Course on Power Electronics (including  operation of 3 phase AC-DC  conversion,  limitations of line commutated converter, DC-AC converter, Voltage control of VSI).

  2. Basic course on Control theory.

  3. First course on Power Systems ( Transmission line theory).

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Electrical Engineering Power Electronics Applications to Power Systems

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