Structural Stability (0)


Dr. Ashwini kumar

IIT Kanpur

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Course Reference

  1. Kumar, Ashwini : Stability of Structures, Allied Publishers, New Delhi (1998).

  2. Chajes, A. :Principles of Structural Stability Theory, Prentice-Hall (1974).

  3. Chen, W.F. & Lui, E.M.: Structural Stability, Elsevier (1987).

  4. Iyengar, N.G.R.: Elastic Stability of Structural Elements, Macmillan India (2007).

  5. Gambhir, M.L.: Stability Analysis and Design of Structures, Springer-Verlag (2004).

Course Prerequisites

  1. Basic courses in Mechanics of Solids & in Structural Analysis.

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Civil Engineering Structural Stability

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